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Image: Feeling stressed at work?

Feeling stressed at work?

Image: Are you trying to lose weight and struggling?

Are you trying to lose weight and struggling?

Image: Man trapped due to anxiety

Feeling trapped and don’t know who to turn to for help?

Image: Are you trying to quit smoking but finding it a struggle?

Are you trying to quit smoking but finding it a struggle?

Image: Showing signs of depression.

Showing signs of depression?

Image: Plder lady getting better with help from the Scented Touch

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"As I write this the week after the hypnotherapy session, I am calmer and more controlled and very much happier than in a long time. Thank you Julia for the therapy, I found it a very positive experience and very beneficial, very calming and it has had a very positive effect on my life."

Customer Testimonials

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30 years old a Very heavy smoker 30 to 40 per day, spending £5824 per year on cigarettes and had been smoking since childhood.
One session and he has STOPPED smoking! He says he has been `mentally strong` and staying away from smoking “ I can’t believe the therapy works so well …thank you so much for your support”


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Regression & Back Pain
 My experience with Julia was truly amazing, I never really thought anything about hypnotism until I met Julia. I wouldn’t say I didn’t believe it was possible, because I didn’t. I was that I was just a bit doubtful that I could be hypnotised.
 I think that the tranquil surrounding of her home and the way Julia relaxed you and made you feel so at ease helped me massively. Before we started, she asked a lot of questions about pain and if I suffered from recurring pain in my body, I told her I had had a couple of operations and suffered from aching in my back.
 Julia absolutely cured this in one session. I have been plagued with this pain from the age of 16 and I am now 35! So, I am so thankful to her for that, it would have been worth it just for the pain relief, but as I wanted to be regressed, she then took me back to 1452… the fall of Constantinople. I genuinely did not know anything about this time – if I did this was in school, then I must not have been listening, I told her things I could not have known about, bridges and boats that were coming to rescue us, but didn’t come.  I saw my family from that time.
  When Julia brought me round, I didn’t want to wake up, I was peace and warmth, I’ve never felt anything like that in my life. I just want to say Julia is an amazing woman, she is a first-class hypnotherapist who keeps in contact with you and researches everything, she is a wonderful lady.


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39 years old - After trying all the diet pills going – ordering online at £90 per pot – Julia was recommended to me by a friend.
I was a bit apprehensive about hypnotherapy but needed to change my eating habits as I was starving myself in the day then binge eating at night on anything that I could get my hands on, especially crisps and chocolate in the middle of the night!


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“I had an incredible experience with Julia where I underwent some hypnotherapy sessions in the hope to help a lifelong crippling fear of spiders, so much so I felt like I was having a heart attack when I saw one.
I also had an addiction with chocolate and through hypnosis have not had any since! I found Julia to be most professional, reassuring and absolutely trustworthy - having never experienced hypnotherapy before, I was sceptical!! Julia welcomes you into her home and you genuinely feel so relaxed, safe and in good hands from start to finish.
I’d highly recommend Julia’s hypnosis, as I can now say that I’m a completely different person when it comes to the 8 legged creatures!! Thank You Julia!!”


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After being stressed out for quite a while, I had two panic attacks sparked by a high staircase. I went to see Julia for hypnotherapy, I was `under` for about 50 minutes and I found it was a totally relaxing experience.
 When I came round, the sense of calmness was amazing, I felt I had been put back together again . As I write this the week after the hypnotherapy session, I am calmer and more controlled and very much happier than in a long time.
 Thank you Julia for the therapy, I found it a very positive experience and very beneficial, very calming and it has had a very positive effect on my life. I would definitely recommend this treatment by Julia to anyone for what ever reason you may have, whether it be for anxiety or stress.


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Virtual Gastric Band Weight Loss
  I am a little dubious of certain things, but I also needed to find another way of trying to lose weight after piling on the pounds when my thyroid decided to give up the ghost! I heard about Julia and the Gastric Band Weight Loss. And when I met her I knew this was going to work. I was scared the process might make me do something silly – the something silly was I lost nearly 2 stone and I am still following my minds instructions even now!
  This is after 18 months! The process was calming and Julia made me feel at ease. I have been a few times to see Julia and if I am honest sometimes just to have that calming feeling that I’m still following the process – oh! and a lovely chat is a massive bonus!


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55 years old -Tried Weight Watchers Slimming World, Slimrite – you name it tried them all! Saw advert – unsure at first – I was put at ease by Julia on the consultation talking about the hypnosis – I was drawn to her- she made me feel different! Talked through the Virtual Gastric Band procedure and I felt I was slimmer already!
 The week after the consultation I went for the Gastric Band hypnotherapy , I was so relaxed it was amazing. I love crisps and fizzy drinks and I love my food but I feel I cannot eat a lot now, my meals are small now and I have changed my eating habits and drinking cider. I lost 8 pounds in 3 weeks lost inches and feel great, Julia is a Godsend, she has helped me change my life and I thank her and hope I can help others to follow us.
 I had my consultation with Julia and was asked what I ate, my eating habits etc, she was very professional but also thoughtful and caring from the onset. The hypnotherapy was to be honest a very weird experience, as you feel conscious yet cannot move at all, your body, arms and legs feel like lead weight due to the relaxed state that Julia had put me in. Once she has put you into this state she then goes through the Gastric Band `operation` After hypnosis I found that I couldn’t eat as much as I used to. I didn’t crave crisps or chocolate but had a craving for strawberries and fruit instead.
 My binge eating stopped as I didn’t feel hungry at all. I write this after a month on from hypnotherapy and have lost over half a stone. I still don’t eat chocolate but to be truthful have had 2 small packs of crisps since the procedure, but considering I could eat 6 packets in one night I consider that to be a drastic reduction. Even after the procedure, Julia keeps in contact to give support and advise.
 I would highly recommend this procedure a long term solution for future eating habits.